Behavioral Health

What is Integrated Behavioral Health?

Cascade Medical supports you in all aspects of your health and well-being – physical, behavioral, social and emotional. Integrated behavioral health connects medical and behavioral health clinicians together to collaborate with each other and their patients and families to address medical conditions and related behavioral health factors that affect health and well-being.  

Benefits of integrated behavioral health include: 

(a) Easier access to mental and behavioral health services. Our behavioral health clinicians see patients within the family practice clinic, often on the same-day without the need to schedule separate appointments. 

(b) Improved coordination between services (medical, behavioral health, school, community, etc.).  

(c) Improved health outcomes. 

Cascade Medical has two integrated behavioral health clinicians, Dr. Maxwell Moholy and Aisha Houghton.

Dr. Maxwell Moholy is a Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Moholy is part of your healthcare team. When habits, behaviors or emotional concerns interfere with your daily life, we can help. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Moholy works with you and your primary care provider to develop a well-rounded plan to help you - both mind and body. 

Aisha Houghton, MSW, LICSW, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Aisha has over 20 years’ experience helping patients overcome life’s problems, so they can focus on their health. Aisha is also an important part of the care team in our Family Practice Clinic, collaborating with our primary care providers to reach out to patients who may need extra support, such as housing, transportation, food security, or other community resources.  

Katelin Limon, RD, is our in-house expert on nutrition. She works one-on-one with inpatients and outpatients, including those with food allergies, chronic disease, or any condition that could benefit from nutritional guidance. Her medical interests include gastro-intestinal diseases, pediatrics and diabetes. Here's what to expect working with Katelin: The first session begins with a conversation about you - your life, your goals, your challenges, your successes, how nutrition plays a role in your health and any questions you have. Katelin works with you to build a practical nutrition plan that fits your life. No two plans are alike. The idea is to facilitate a long-term lifestyle change. Over the next few sessions, Katelin monitors your progress, answers any questions, and adjusts the plan as needed. Her feedback is non-judgmental, empathetic and supportive. 

How do I schedule an appointment with a behavioral health consultant?

Let your provider know you are interested in this service. Most days, your provider can request you to be seen during your clinic appointment.

Or, call the clinic receptionist and directly request an appointment.

What should I expect during my visit?

n the Integrated Model, patient visits tend to be structured a little different than a traditional therapy appointment. Visits tend to be shorter in length (20-40 minutes) with fewer follow-ups on average (1-6 visits); however, this can be flexible based on patient need. 

Dr. Moholy or Aisha will listen to your concerns, ask questions, assess immediate needs and goals, and suggest strategies to help you create a more balanced lifestyle. 

Intervention is typically Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which allows you to work closely with Maxwell or Aisha to quickly identify issues that may be worsening or causing specific symptoms and then address coping and self-management strategies to address the problems. Dr. Moholy and Aisha will tailor treatment based on individual concerns. They are also trained in other evidence-based treatments including EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Emotion Focused therapy, Couple’s interventions.   

Our team can help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficult life problems
  • Stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Managing medical problems, such as chronic pain, diabetes, obesity or insomnia

If you will benefit from long-term talk therapy or specialized psychiatric help, we will connect you with the additional resources you need.

Emergency resources

Separate from Cascade Medical, for immediate crisis situations, these services may help: