Our Shared Values

At Cascade Medical, there are no corporate silos. Our entire team is accessible at all levels and cultivates a welcoming, dependable and scrupulously honest work environment.

Every employee is equally respected, and no employee is valued higher than another, as each position is vital to achieving our goals. Feedback is regarded as an essential part to our continued growth — from our valued employees, partners and patients. To this end, our existence is grounded in the fundamental belief that our employees and physicians are critical to our success; they are the organization's ambassadors and mission keepers.

Throughout every level of our organization, our Shared Values echo our Purpose: To care for the health and well-being of our community. It is through this Servant Leadership we give priority attention to the needs of our colleagues and the community we serve. While every employee is expected to uphold these values, all senior management is held to even higher accountability by modeling our values each and every day.

By carrying out our Shared Values, we create an exceptional working environment and an exceptional patient experience.**

Our Seven Shared Values:

We demonstrate our pursuit of individual and organizational development by always going above and beyond to find the answer, discover the cause, and advocate the most appropriate course of action.

We will...

• Demand more of ourselves than we expect from another
• Follow through with agreements
• Communicate if agreements cannot be fulfilled
• Transform promises into reality

We demonstrate our effectiveness and quality care in complete transparency with each other and in line with the values of our medical center.

We will...

• Enjoy helping others
• Place the needs of others above our own interests
• Provide support to those experiencing difficulty
• Focus on a common purpose to achieve the common good

We prove our promise to patients and our dedication to both organization and community through the manner in which we empower each other and carry out each action.

We will...

• Seek out and respect the skills and expertise of others
• Ask others to lead the way when we enter their territory
• Consult others on matters that will affect them
• Want decisions to be made by those closest to the situation
• Provide appropriate autonomy and discretion to subordinates
• Encourage and respect dissenting opinions and differing points of view
• Incite freedom to ask anyone in the organization for advice or information
• Foster personal growth and development
• Love what we do

We set a strong example of behavioral and ethical standards by demonstrating our accountability to patient needs and our devotion to performing alongside one another as we exhibit our high standards each and every day.

We will...

• Treat others with uncompromising truth and ethical behavior
• Put character above all else
• Make no compromise with wrongdoing
• Stand for truth even when it is unpopular
• Be devoted to our principles
• Communicate in an open and honest way
• Keep promises
• Accept responsibility for our own actions
• Trust others
• Seek, allow, and give honest feedback

We demonstrate an exceptional and enduring commitment to excellence. We are devoted to processes and systems that align our actions to excellence, compassion and effectiveness on a daily basis.

We will...

• Expect excellence
• Be the best that we can be
• Go the "second mile"
• Fix, not blame
• See mistakes as learning opportunities
• Expect and deliver upon high standards
• Invest in effective education, orientation, and training

We embrace equality on a daily basis through positive, personal interactions and recognize the unique value within each of our colleagues, patients, and ourselves.

We will...

• Respect the time and resources of each other and our patients
• Honor each other's self-esteem, regardless of the issue or decision
• Be available, circulate, talk to people, answer questions
• Allow others time to think things through
• Remain modest about our own accomplishments
• Celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of others

We demonstrate complete openness by providing clear, timely and trusted information that shapes the health, safety, well-being and stability of each other and our community.

We will...

• Admit our limitations or mistakes
• Encourage the constructive identification of problems
• Take concerns directly to the individual involved
• Clarify non-verbal communications
• Communicate expectations clearly and prior to implementing change
• Deal with content, not assumptions
• Consider each issue on its own merit
• Make decisions following an appropriate process
• Recognize conflict and take action