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What to Expect During a Low-Dose CT Scan

Radiology Director Scott Mitchell explains lung cancer screening step-by-step. For more information, visit our Diagnostic Imaging page.

How to prevent slips, trips and falls

Nursing Director Kelly Allen shares at-home safety tips for people at high risk of falling.

Your diet and warfarin (Coumadin)

Linda Hokansen, registered dietition at Cascade Medical, explains how foods rich in Vitamin K can interfere with anticoagulation drugs. The key is to keep your diet consistent.

What to expect during a colonoscopy

Dr. Tony Butruille and Deb Jahnke, RN, discuss what happens before, during and after a colonoscopy screening at Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth.

LSVT BIG: Patients before and after

Watch the progress of two patients as they work through the LSVT BIG program at Cascade Medical Center.

Qué esperar durante una baja dosis de TC

Qué esperar durante una baja dosis de TC a Cascade Medical Center en Leavenworth, Washington.