Gustavo Montoya

Board Commissioner

Gustavo Montoya comes to the Cascade Medical Board with a skill set found at the intersection of communication, technology, innovation, and inclusion. Montoya engaged our community and many organizations while working as a Senior Editor and Publisher with the regional El Mundo newspaper. Information technology, and the application of data to scale big problems, is Montoya’s passion. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Agtools, improving efficiency of all projects and supervising all aspects of technology infrastructure.

Montoya not only brings his professional experience to the table, but also lived experience. As he said, “…at times I have found that positions of leadership do not have full representation of all people in the community. So, sometimes positions like this are not always how you get there, it is who you’re bringing with you. So, that’s part of my contribution - I have quite a bit of knowledge with the Latino community in our region, so I think that area of contribution and the overall vision can be a positive impact on the organization and the community.” Montoya lives in Leavenworth with his wife and family.

Contact: [email protected]


Gustavo Montoya - Board Commissioner