Heightened bat activity in Leavenworth

Chelan-Douglas Health District has confirmed a rabid bat at the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery. They also expect an increased presence of bats in Leavenworth due to the fires burning north of us. To avoid possible exposure to rabies: 
  • Do not attempt to handle any bat, dead or alive.
  • Teach your children not to touch bats.
  • Make sure your homes open windows have screens.
  • Vaccinate your pets against rabies as required by state law.

If you encounter a bat, it is critically important that you seek medical attention immediately. Bat encounters include:

  • A bite or saliva in your eyes, nose, mouth or fresh wound.
  • Finding a bat in the same room of a person who might be unaware that a bite or direct contact occurred, such as a sleeping adult or unattended child. 

For more information on bats and rabies prevention, check out this flyer in English and Spanish from the health district, or visit https://cdhd.wa.gov/bat-exposures/



Photo credit: USFWS/Ann Froschauer